Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Communication with Nature #27

I did this activity at the beach. I am always attracted to the ocean. I started to name all of the Natural Attraction Senses that are connected to the ocean and in a few moments I felt this singular focus where everything else faded into the background. It is exactly like being in a trance. I could feel the connection to the ocean and all of its senses. I asked the ocean: “What do I do now?”
The communication came as an ineffable feeling, but felt something like “more of what you are doing” and “ use all your senses” and “follow your heart”. It was all sort of saying: you are part of me and I am part of everything, you have all my senses and I have all of yours, the outcome is not certain, live fully today.
The tide was coming in…
I did this with my partner and she had an amazing experience as well. It told her that everything is always changing and it’s ok to change.
The next day I had another leaning connection with the ocean. There was a strong rip tide and I was walking against it. I was paying attention to the sensation of straining muscles. I noticed suddenly that when you go against the flow you get stronger and when you go with the flow you go faster. Hmmmm…I never experienced it THAT way before! Awesome!

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