Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Natural Attractions and How Industrial Training damages us

Were we born knowing when we were hungry and thirsty? Do you still know when you are attracted to these senses? We can see how industrial culture has trained us to ignore our inherent senses/natural attractions and follow the industrial schedule when we consider our drinking and eating schedules. Do you ever eat when you are not hungry because you are given a certain time to eat lunch? If we repeatedly eat and drink when we are not really sensing hunger, are we training ourselves to not pay attention to our natural senses? When a child senses hunger, it wants to eat right then. Not before, not after. When a child is not hungry and the parent forces the child to eat because it's "lunch time", a struggle usually ensues. Many of us were force fed as children when we were not hungry, which produced at least two issues. The first is that we learn not to count on (trust) and be aware of our natural abilities and attraction skills. We then look to the person who trained us to know when to engage in the act of eating. That person is teaching you that you need to look to culture to know when you are hungry. Industrial culture counts on this fact and exploits it with consumerism. Second, we see that when force fed, we lose the ability to say no to abuse, oppression, and anything that is trying to teach us to repress our natural senses. This can generalize to many if not all of how we live.

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