Monday, March 28, 2011

Bubble Boy

Bubble Boy

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful boy who loved to wear a pink tutu. He loved animals and tickle fights. He sometimes got scared and would hide in his head.

Sometimes he made a clicking sound when he spoke just like his dad.
Sometimes he wanted to jump into the tv and disappear forever in fairy tales.

The boy was scared to death of feeling bored and would do-do all the time.

One day he was blowing bubbles in his backyard at night and the sky was bigger than big. His parents were busy doing parent things inside the house, so he decided to blow the biggest bubble in the world.

He tried many times, but they always popped. So he took a deep deep breath from the belly of earth and slowly blew.

The bubble grew and grew, and grew and grew.

The boy couldn’t believe his eyes and continued to blow. After a while, the bubble was so huge that it filled the known sky, and he began to lift off the ground.

The boy in the pink tutu held on and blew.

As he floated into outer space, the bubble grew so big that it surrounded earth and the sun and even the stars, and he continued to blow. He blew until the bubble was bigger than the universe - until there was no more time and everything was inside the bubble.

He realized that he had blown the biggest bubble ever, yet he was caught outside and wanted in. He couldn’t do this without popping the bubble, but he wanted to go home.

So, he inhaled everything until he was home.

Standing in his back yard again, he felt full for the first time in his young life and laid down in the grass watching the stars shine.

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